Frequently Asked Questions Include:

Q: How do I care for my Pocket Rag?

A: Just throw in with your wash as usual, that’s what we do with ours! Then we usually let them air dry after straightening them back out with our hands. They will do fine in the dryer, but we recommend not overdrying them as this can damage the flannel’s fluffy softness quicker. All the fabrics are preshrunk, but if your hanky seems any smaller after wash it may be from heat, you can smooth them out with your hands to regain their original shape. We have founds lots of great tips on the internet about how to care for fabrics delicately, or naturally, or for stain removal, etc.

All the fabrics used in Pocket Rags have been pre-washed in fragrance free, natural plant based wash soaps and dried to pre-shrink. They are made in our home sewing studio in our clean, smoke/fragrance free environment.

But of course, you can also treat your Pocket Rag very gently. You could wash it in warm/hot water with other light colors, and gently dry then lightly iron. This will produce the gentlest result over time.

Q: What do I do with my Pocket Rag if I don’t like hankies?

A: We get it- the world is divided over hanky use, especially after the last couple of years! But having a Pocket Rag is not only for nose sneezes and such! Having a cloth in your pocket/bag/etc is sooo handy once you get used to it. Little drips and spills, and other unexpected life bits. We’ve also been told they are so handy for kid messes on the go, pet stuff, hikers, cyclers, using them in the rain (we are WestCoasters) they don’t disintegrate in the rain like a tissue or paper would if you’re out and about. After use toss in the same place you would store a used mask and take it home and wash it!

Then reuse!

Q: A kid makes these?

A: Yes, Jori sews these up! He buys all his own materials, pays for all the business expenses. He designs them, chooses and preps fabrics, does the dyeing, then he sews them up, then does his own quality control before each Pocket Rag is packaged up. He does the shipping and handling stuff for all the online orders, too. His parent often answers emails, but he helps draft them. He  sets up all the photo shoots, maintains his website, and is learning about marketing, promotion, and this new world of social media.  He has lots of fun at local markets, and we hope to be back at them next season. This venture has been an awesome learning experience as he navigates through the process of entrepreneurship by creating, producing, and then trying to get his product out there in case anyone wants to try it!

Q: Composting Fabric?

A: Yes, you can compost these as all natural materials are biodegradable, and we choose only organic fabrics as well. The best way to do this after they are really not usable for anything after a while, (but rags are so useful!), is to shred or cut these into as small pieces as you are willing, and bury them in your backyard compost.

They are 100% organic cotton so over a short time they will be back to the soil! Thanks worms!

Q: Tie-dye!

A: We have experimented with tie dye ideas over the years.  So far Jori has tried to make hues with espresso, turmeric, beets, charcoal, spirulina, blackberries, and onion skins. Some have been more successful than others, but it is always a magical experience to see how it will all come out in the end.

As of recent times, we love getting our onions for dyeing from local restaurants that save them for us once in a while: We use these materials before we send them into their original compost destination:)

Please contact us with any other questions you may have!