Welcome to all! If you’re reading this then you’re an awesome person that has either already made the switch to reusable cloth Pocket Rag hankies, or are interested in finding out more about them!

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Pocket Rags were invented by Jori, an ancient forest loving kid when he was 9. Now as an 12 year old, he is happily spreading his zero waste product around stores in his home town of Victoria, Canada in the beautiful Pacific Northwest Coast region of Vancouver Island which is unceded Coast Salish Territory, primarily of the Lekwungen and W_SÁNEC peoples.

Pocket Rags are reusable cloth handkerchiefs, which are not fancy! They are made from 100% Organic Cotton Flannel, which is soft on your skin. They have a hand tie dyed (with natural homemade plant based dyes = ‘Jori-Shibori’) triangle pocket sewn onto the corner, also 100% Organic Cotton, which you can use to flip the hanky inside out in as it’s used to keep your pocket or bag clean on the way to the washing machine!

All this is sewn up with 100% Cotton thread, which makes this a compostable product at the end of it’s lifespan. The only other packaging is a paper sleeve which is recyclable. Online purchases are shipped in a paper envelope, also recyclable, to keep the packaging at an absolute minimum. No plastic here!

New on Etsy- consider getting your Pocket Rag hand embroidered by Jori, it’s an easy add-on custom option and makes a great gift, too!

Jori is happy to say that after the last years of working to establish his small business he is now in the position to happily give back to his community. He has chosen the local non-profit organization, the Ancient Forest Alliance, to give back a portion of his earnings to each month. He encourages all people to support people in their communities fighting for the better of the planet and the environment in any way they can!

Using hankies can greatly reduce or eliminate the need for disposable tissues! We are sad to see old growth forests being cut down. It is difficult to explain to children why we do this as adults and governments. This is one way Jori feels he can help. Thanks for your support!


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